the experience designers

The idea of "erlebnisgestalter" (en. experience designer") was developed by Wolfgang Rechberger to expand the range of the agency P&R with the field of experience design. It combines methods of service design, product development, media and interaction design.

Wolfgang Rechberger

After studying Media Technology and Design at University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg Wolfgang has supplemented his design training with skills in marketing and communication design in the agency P&R, which he founded together with Barbara Pirringer.

By designing the first exhibitions and interactive projects another fire got ignited – the idea behind the "Erlebnisgestalter"  was born. 

Up to this day Wolfgang is fascinated by interactive 2d and 3d worlds, the "storytelling within space" and – most importantly – the creation of experiences for visitors and clients alike.

As a communications agency P&R develops integrated solutions for companys and organisations. We ask the important questions and design and implement projects in print and digital media.

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Our expanded team

To successfully design experinces in all aspects – from architecture and space up to hardware and technology – we us our proven network of specialists